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Boot Camp

  • Bootcamp is excellent for those wanting a challenge and workout in the outdoors
  • Bootcamp is a high intensity class and great for those who want to lose weight and tone up
  • Fabulous fun workouts that are always varied to decrease boredom
  • Train with those who push themselves and motivate others to go the extra mile
  • We have been providing Bootcamp classes in the Penrith are for over 10 years
  • View our Group Fitness Timetable


  • Kickboxing is a great fun workout designed for beginners and those who participate in a regular exercise regime
  • Kickboxing is great for anyone looking for a fun alternative to boring gym workouts
  • Our Kickboxing classes are designed to help people get fit, lose weight and keep it off
  • Our classes are not for MMA or UFC fighters, we train normal people with healthy goals
  • We have been providing Kickboxing classes in the Penrith area for over 10 years
  • View our Group Fitness Timetable

Personal Training

  • Your own Personal Trainer who will listen and attend to you goals and challenges
  • Personalised training and nutrition plans which will help you lose weight and get fit
  • Weekly accountability to make sure your doing the training and quality nutrition needed to lose weight and get fit
  • Our trainers have gone through the weight loss processes ourselves and know how hard it is to lose weight and how to overcome these challenges
  • We have been Personal Training in Penrith for 13 years and continue to help people get fit, lose weight and keep it off!!

Group PT

  • Train with like minded people who want to lose weight and keep it off
  • Receive your own personalised Diet and Training Regime
  • Work with people who have the same goals and challenges as you
  • Work as a team towards a common gaol
  • Limited to max 6 people per class
  • Less then half the price of 1 on 1 Personal Training

Sign up for a 7 Day FREE Trial of Bootcamp & Kickboxing Classes

Take a look at the results of some of our clients:

Amanda Before and After

Amanda Dewhurst lost 8kg in 12 weeks**

boot camp penrith

 Kirsten Cartwright lost 7kg in 8 weeks**

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Jessica Balloch lost 9.5kg in 8 weeks**

    bootcamp penrith

Chris Wylie lost 13kg in 8 weeks**


For more information about our Bootcamp classes, Kickboxing classes and Personal Training in the Penrith area click on the links below:

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John Scerri

“I weighed a massive 152kg I was tired run down and feeling depressed. Over the last 12 months I lost 62kg and under the supervision of Denver and the LGFG team I faced many challenges with exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy and consistently. However with the guidance of the LGFG team I overcame those challenges, they set me up with a diet plan which accelerated my weight loss and I done Personal Training twice a week and two Kick Boxing classes consistently and still do it.”

John Scerri lost 60kg in 9 months! **

December 1, 2015