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Looking Good and Feeling Great

I was referred by a friend to see Looking Good and Feeling Great, right from the start I felt comfortable with them. They put me on a basic diet and an exercise regime to follow at the gym. I was always good with exercise but Looking Good and Feeling Great taught me nutrition was just as important. They would sms regularly to check on me, I felt supported on a personal level, which I had never felt with past trainers. I lost ten kilos over a twelve week period, for me it wasn’t just about losing weight. I wanted to feel healthy, fit and positive about myself. I feel today I’m on the right path, thanks to the team at Looking Good and Feeling Great.

Sharmelle Peterson

Sharmelle lost 10kg in 12 weeks! **

I weighed a massive 152kg I was tired run down and feeling depressed. Over the last 12 months I lost 62kg and under the supervision of Denver and the LGFG team I faced many challenges with exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy and consistently. However with the guidance of the LGFG team I overcame those challenges, they set me up with a diet plan which accelerated my weight loss and I done Personal Training twice a week and two Kick Boxing classes consistently and still do it.

John Scerri

John Scerri lost 60kg in 9 months! **

Personal Training has helped me achieve my goals as it has kept me motivated to lose more weight and to try to exercise more often. I always feel guilty if I haven’t lost weight for the week and I always say to myself that eating that extra bit means I have to do more to take it off. That’s the beauty of doing personal training, I find I do eat a treat now and then, and then just work harder at the next training session. I now don’t mind training (I still find that I wear myself out) and over the year I have trained with Looking Good and Feeling Great I have lost 30kg and kept it off.

John Galea

John lost 30kg in 1 year! **

I went from 116kg to under my goal weight, I am now 94kg, I feel excellent, I have loads of energy to do the things I want to do, Looking Good and Feeling Great’s gave me exercise plans and eating plans, and with the weekly calls and fortnightly training session I was quickly on my way to my new outlook on life… Now I look in the mirror and like what I see, thank you LGFG.

Scott Lawrence

Scott lost 22kg in years and kept it off. Scott also became our Co-Personal Training Client of the Year for 2010 **

We would absolutely recommend Looking Good and Feeling Great, our personal trainer is helpful and supportive and organises training sessions that vary week to week to eliminate boredom. The boot camp sessions are challenging but part of a strong supportive network. The weekly presentations on Thursday’s provide thorough information about topics that we can relate to and we benefit from the additional knowledge of them.

Aimee & Gillian Hill

Aimee Hill lost almost 9kg! ** Gillian Hill lost 5kg! **

I have been participating in the Kick Boxing classes for over 2 years now. I have noticed dramatic weight loss, all over body tone and increased strength which has increased my confidence in myself both mentally and physically. I no longer live locally to where the classes are held, however because it’s such a great experience I drive the extra distance. I have lost between 12-15kg and have gone down two dress sizes and feel great

Emily Glover

Mother of Two Children and Looking AWESOME!!

‘I weighed just over 80kg, extremely self conscious and incredibly nervous and anxious but with the wonderful support and guidance from both trainers, Denver and Vee, I have now dropped to 64kg

Kylie White


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