Alcohol, Calories and Exercise to Burn it OFF!!





The following diagram illustrates different alcoholic drinks and how long you have to train during Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes such as Kickboxing and Bootcamp and also Walking to burn them off.



  Total Calories/ Serving Size Personal Training Group Exercise Class Walking
Jim Beam and coke 265 Calories per 375mL can 27 minutes 35 minutes 44 minutes


Bourbon and diet coke 70 Calories serving

(club glasses)

7 minutes 9 minutes 12 minutes
Bourbon & coke 120 Calories serving (club glasses) 12 minutes 16 minutes 20 mins
Gin & Tonic 260 Calories 375mL can 26 minutes 34 minutes 43 minutes


Black Jack and coke 300 Calories 440mL can 30 minutes 39 minutes 50 minutes


Smirnoff Ice Dbl Black 230 Calories 335mL bottle 23 minutes 30 minutes 38 minutes
Malibu & cola 260 Calories 375mL can 26 minutes 34 minutes 43 minutes


Vodka Cruiser 210 Calories 330mL bottle 21 minutes 28 minutes 35 minutes


Midori Illusion 200 Calories 275mL bottle 20 minutes 26 minutes 33 minutes


Bundy and coke 275 Calories 375mL can 28 minutes 36 minutes 46 minutes


Corona 130 Calories 330mL bottle 13 minutes 17 minutes 22 minutes


Guinness Draught 158 Calories 440mL can 16 minutes 21 minutes 26 minutes


Tooheys Extra Dry 131 Calories 345mL bottle 13 minutes 17 minutes 22 minutes


Cascade Light 58 Calories 200mL bottle 6 minutes 8 minutes 10 minutes


Pure Blonde 107 Calories 355mL bottle 11 minutes 14 minutes 18 minutes


Red Wine (sparkling) 127 Calories per glass 150ml

638 Calories 750mL bottle

13 minutes

64 minutes

17 minutes

84 minutes

21 minutes

106 minutes

White Wine (sparkling) 120 Calories per glass 150ml

594 Calories 750mL bottle

12 minutes

59 minutes

16 minutes

78 minutes

20 minutes

99 minutes



Next time you decide to go out for a drink with your friends you may want to think twice about the alcohol you consume. The average female whom diets usually has a diet plan of 1500-1700 calories per day to aid in weight loss. By having 2 glasses of white wine a night every night you will consume an extra 1680 calories this means you will have to do either:


  • Almost 3 Personal Training sessions (hour each session)
  • 5 Group Exercise Sessions for an hour (hour each session)
  • 5 hours of walking


Just goes to show how the little things add up, next time you decide to go for a drink you may think twice if it’s worth it.


Yours sincerely


Denver Oliveux


Yours sincerely

Denver Oliveux

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