This week we wanted to give some special recognition to ‘Anil Puri’ who has been coming to our Boot Camp classes in the Penrith area for over 5 years. Since that time we have been performing either monthly or quartely fitness assessments and Anil has consistently maintained amongst the highest records we have on file. Anil has consistely reached and exceeded level 10 on the Beep Test, 50 Push-ups and above, 60 Unassisted Sit-ups, 3-4 minutes on the Plank/Hover Test and over 3 minutes on the Squat Hold Test. To give you an understanding these statistics are similar to that of those wanting to enter the Army at a Special Forces Level. These are not easy accomplishments by any means and to maintain them over 5 years is nothing but extraordinary. Well done Anil you’re a CHAMPION!!!