Hello Team

We are happy to announce that we are now starting up weekly fitness assessments so you can grade your fitness specific to that day and class that you participate in. We have created different fitness assessments for each day that will take no more then 3-5 minutes of your normal class time. It’s motivating to see improvements in your weight loss and muscle tone and likewise its motivating to see improvements in your health and fitness.

Years ago we once did a generic fitness test on a Saturday morning that was performed every 4-12 weeks but only those who participated in the Saturday morning class saw that benefit. Now we have updated that assessment and you have class specific fitness assessments that work around injuries that change everyday to reduce boredom and increase enthusiasm.

Basically we all need fitness goals, thats what keeps us motivated, focused and coming back to reach our goals. As an incentive for those who improve the most from Weeks 1 to Weeks 4 they will receive a $30 voucher of my choosing and that will be awarded the week after the 4 week assessments. We will rely on an honour system here team as you will journal your own results each session and we expect you to push yourself to absolute fatigue in the tests, if you take it easy in week 1 and don’t try and then in week 4 go nuts and see a big improvement at that session then your only cheating yourself.

Lets embrace these weekly tests and all commit to coming to classes as much as possible in the lead up until Christmas.

Please download your fitness assessments on the link below:


Group Exercise Fitness Assessments