Congratulations to our top 5 candidates on our Leader Board for our weight loss challenge.

In First place we have ‘Chris Wylie’ who has lost 6.4% of his body weight in 4 weeks

In Second place we have ‘Janelle Logan-Sheedy who has lost 5.85% of her body weight in 4 weeks

In Third place we have ‘Jessica Balloch’ who has lost 5.71% of her body weight in 4 weeks

In Fourth place we have ‘Alicia Bullman’ who has lost 5.15% of her body weight in 4 weeks

In Fifth place we have ‘Lisa Wells’ who has lost 4.21% of her body weight in 4 weeks.

Combined this group have lost over 25kg in only 4 short weeks, nothing short of amazing, well done guys your all had your ups and downs but stayed the course and reaping the results of your hardwork. Your all champions!!!


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