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Hello Team

I have attached a 20-30 minute training program that you all can do at home with no weights. It’s a great workout for anyone who is new to weight training or simply doesn’t want to go to the gym and prefers to workout in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

The benefits of weight training are vast and includes increase in muscle tone, fat loss and aids in strengthening muscles, bones and ligaments. And ladies weight training won’t make you bulky, eating a 2,500+ calorie diet high in Protein and carbs will do that.

Now the way to complete this program is to do one exercise after the other with no rest and when you have finished all the exercises have a 1-2 minute rest and then do it again and again. Beginners please aim to complete the circuit 3 times and those more experienced aim to do it 3-5 times.

Complete details are below in the training program:


Home Based Weight Training Program 1

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