This Winter has hit us all life a tonne of bricks, between freezing temperatures and the flu season running crazy our motivation can take a big hit. When we experience these challenges its always great to revisit your goals or plan new ones.

Revisiting the benefits of exercise

Exercise can help to beat those winter downs. After just 10 minutes of exercise, the brain releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals which can help reduce anxiety and depression. Staying active can also help conditions such as arthritis – a condition that can often worsen over winter.




Set Goals

Having a goal or target is one of the easiest ways to get motivated. Focus on an event you want to work towards, a goal amount of sessions you want to complete in a month, create a reward/incentive for you to achieve a certain goal.





Exercise for a challenge

Training for an event is another great motivator, as it gives you something to work towards. You could train for a fun run or a strength goal such as a heavy deadlift, squat, bench press.



Give yourself an incentive

Work towards a big reward for reaching your big target – such as a new outfit or a weekend away – but you can also work towards smaller rewards; little things you can look forward to at the end of each workout.





Dress in extra layers

Your summer workout gear may not be appropriate for winter weather. Invest in proper winter performance gear to stay warm and dry. Be sure to warm up inside before you head out the door, stay hydrated and change out of sweaty gear after your workout.




Set your alarm and don’t hit the snooze

It can be hard getting out of bed when it’s dark and cold. Give yourself some extra encouragement by setting a thermostat timer to warm your bedroom, and set your alarm to play songs that motivate.




Get a personal trainer

Can’t do it alone? Get a personal trainer. A personal trainer is a paid motivator, helping you push yourself when you lose your resolve. Trainers can also help achieve certain results, so if you want to improve your fitness, get great abs or lose weight, a trainer can get you there.





Find a training buddy

Have a friend that wants to lose weight and get fit? Exercising with a friend keeps you accountable, pushing you both to exercise when you may lose motivation apart. You could also join a gym, sign up for a sports team, do marital arts or a running/cycle club and meet like minded people.




Try Something New

Winter is a great opportunity to blow up your normal routine and do something different. Look online and see at home workouts, after covid there are more and more companies selling these services online.


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