Is Water Essential To Lose Weight?

Water can offer a host of benefits for your body, many of which support your weight loss efforts. Let’s a little closer.

Water and Appetite Regulation

Sometimes we can mistake mild states of dehydration for hunger. When we don’t drink enough fluids, our body gives us signals which resemble hunger pains. When this happens, many of us start eating unnecessary calories because we have misunderstood what our body is trying to tell us. By staying well-hydrated throughout the day, we minimise the chance of unnecessary eating and maximize our chances of achieving our weight loss goals.

Hunger buster

Recent research is also revealing that drinking water before a meal may be a smart strategy for weight loss. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has shown that overweight participants who drank 2 cups of water before breakfast consumed significantly less kilojoules than study participants who did not drink the water. The researchers propose that drinking water may slow down or delay the emptying of the contents from the stomach. This in turn promotes a feeling of fullness for longer and reduces hunger at the meal. It’s also been proposed that feelings of thirst and hunger can be confused by the brain, so it pays to start a meal well hydrated.

Drink up

Carry a small reusable water bottle in your handbag, car and gymbag.
Start each meal with a glass or 2 of water and place a family water jug on the table.

Wake up to a drink of hot water and sliced lemon each morning.
If your restaurant or coffee shop doesn’t provide water fro the table, ask every time.

Remember that you’ll need extra fluid in hot weather and when exercising for prolonged periods (over 1 hour) at a high intensity.

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