“After struggling with weight issues for a long time and finally deciding to do something about it, a friend told me about Looking Good and Feeling Great and that they do Kickboxing in Penrith. I was a little nervous to start training at first as I had never done any group fitness training before. I meet Denver on my first night at Kickboxing, he was friendly and welcoming and gave me a quick run down of what to expect. After the class he checked to see how I went, I was sore but felt good. From that first night at boxing I have not looked back! I have been attending boxing classes for just over a year and have done a few boot camps.

Through the help of Denver and the Looking Good and Feeling Great team I have lost just over 12kgs and been able to maintain my goal weight now for 2months. I also feel the fittest and healthiest I have in a long time.

Denver and the Looking Good and Feeling Great team have provided me with support and advice on exercise and nutrition, they sends out reminders about classes and changes to classes, gives encouragement during training sessions and takes the time to show clients to correct ways to do complete drills so that they don’t hurt themselves. Denver’s support during my journey included all of these as well as a small group goal setting session where he helped me reassess my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them, also offering a menu plan to assist with my weight loss.”

Jessica Balloch