Operation Black Hawk

What is it?

The Battlefield Challenge is 7km’s long with over 40 obstacles. The event is suitable for every level of fitness from first time mud runner/obstacle racer couch potato, to seasoned weekend warriors! Designed and led by Soldier Dan you will take part in a genuine military themed obstacle course. Above all the course is a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend the day getting down and dirty with your mates. We even provide you the clothes to get dirty in.

When is it?

16th of May at 10am

Where is it?

6 Racecourse Rd, Gosford West

How much is it?

At the moment it is $67 however from the 16th of April onwards it will go up so please register fast.

What is Supplied?

  •   Tactical Camouflage Trousers
  •   Tactical Camouflage Shirt
  •   Military Webbing
  •   Military Pack
  •   DOD Certified Military Training Weapon
  •   Water & energy drinks on course
  •   Weights! For your pack and webbing 
  •   Free Sausage in bread on completion
  •   Event medal dog tagsAll issued clothing, packs and webbing must be returned 

How long should I allow for the event? 

3-4 hours ouch

How do I register with the LGFG Team?

1) Click on the link below

Operation Black Hawk 

2) Scroll down and choose the ‘Gosford’ event

3) Select ‘Battlefield Challenge 16th’

4) Select the date and time (16th of May at 10am)

5) Fill in your personal details

6) Where is says type in ‘Your Team Name’ type in ‘LGFG’

7) Welcome aboard our incredible team

If you have any other questions contact us on the details below:

Yours sincerely

Denver Oliveux

Looking Good and Feeling Great


0403 6918 55