Winter Motivation For Weight Loss & Exercise

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Are you struggling with motivation during this horrible season? I don’t blame you after all its cold and dark and a lot of people drop off with their training over this time of year. However in the back of your mind you know that the level of fitness and weight loss you want needs to be worked in now.

So what do you?

Here are a few idea’s that can help re-motivate you to eat healthier and exercise more often:

1)Sign up for an event:

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym, try signing up for a spring fitness event. Registering for the City to Bay in September or Night Attack Obstacle Course early October might be just what you need to keep you on track during winter.

2) Revisit your goals:

Revisit your fitness or weight loss goals to remind yourself why you go to the gym in the first place. If you have a long-term goal (for example, lose 20kg over 12 months) try setting a smaller goal that can be achieved over winter (for example, lose 6kg by September). Make sure that your goal is SMART. In other words, it should be:

3)Make it as convenient as possible:

If you like to exercise before work, try preparing your breakfast the night before to save time in the morning. Lay out your clothes and shoes before bed so you don’t have to hunt for them in the cold at 6am. If you usually exercise at night, try taking your gym clothes to work with you so you can go straight there on your way home. It can be really difficult to leave your house after you get home and comfortable.

If even one of these ideas helps you eat cleaner and train more often, then your well on your way to achieving the fitness and weight loss you desire.


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