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John Scerri:

“I weighed a massive 152kg I was tired run down and feeling depressed. Over the last 12 months I lost 62kg and under the supervision of Denver and the LGFG team I faced many challenges with exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy and consistently. However with the guidance of the LGFG team I overcame those challenges, they set me up with a diet plan which accelerated my weight loss and I done Personal Training twice a week and two Kick Boxing classes consistently and still do it.”

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Our class membership program is the best in the Penrith area because you:What is Kick Boxing?

Our Kick Boxing Classes are a beginner to intermediate level intensity class and are designed to help people lose weight and enhance muscle tone in the Penrith area.

Our Kick Boxing classes are designed to enhance weight loss, improve muscle tone and improve overall fitness. Fitness is something that will be enhanced quiet quickly particularly cardiovascular fitness, strength and your energy levels as well, however many of our clients have seen fantastic results with their muscle tone and weight loss.

•Don’t have to worry about paying start-up fees, there are none.

•Don’t have to sign up for any length of time you can cancel or suspend your membership with only 2 week’s notice via SMS if you like.

•Have 11 classes to suit your busy work schedule both mornings and evenings.

•Have the most experienced trainers in Penrith, Denver Oliveux and his team have been involved in fitness classes for over 10 years.

•Every 3 months you get the opportunity to sit down with a Personal Trainer to help accelerate your weight loss through effective nutrition and exercise plans.

“I have been participating in the Kick Boxing classes for
over 2 years now. I have noticed dramatic weight loss, all
over body tone and increased strength which has
increased my confidence in myself both mentally and
physically. I no longer live locally to where the classes are
held, however because it’s such a great experience I drive
the extra distance. I have lost between 12-15kg and have
gone down two dress sizes and feel great.”

Emily Glover

If you would like to learn more about Penrith’s best Kickboxing classes feel free to contact us on the details below:

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