Onboarding Stage 1

Hello and Welcome to the LGFG Team!!!



Here at Looking Good & Feeling Great, our goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in a fun and supportive environment. We have been operating in the Penrith area since 2004 and we pride ourselves on providing fantastic quality service in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Weight Loss Challenges and Children's Fitness Classes.


It's great that you have joined my team and I want this experience to be a rewarding, challenging and positive journey for you.



Common Experiences & Exercise Recommendations



If you have already experienced your first session of Kickboxing or Bootcamp, it is quite common to feel sore for a few days after your initial classes. Therefore, we only recommend you participate in 2-3 classes per week for the first fortnight. After this initial period, you will find it easier to recover and your goal should be to come 3-5 times a week as this will help you achieve your health and fitness goals much faster.



What Are Your Goals



Ok you've joined up with us for a reason or multiple reasons, I would like you to click on the link below after you have read this entire email and fill out your goals that way my team and I can help you achieve them. Where not the normal 'treat your client as a number' fitness company we genuinely want to help you achieve your fitness goals and help you keep accountable of them. Please click on the link below to write down your goals:








Challenges and Incentives



As an incentive for new clients who achieve 12 training sessions in their first month (3 sessions per week) you will receive a 'Free Group Personal Training Session' valued at $35 and you will be given our next '6 Week Body Shred Challenge' at only $100 (normally $150), saving you $50 total. That's a total saving of $85 of quality services which will help you achieve your goals and further your progress.



I have also supplied you with a 'Healthy Habits Tracker' that we use for our 6 Week Body Shred Challenges. Your goal is to track your habits for one month and average over 50 points a week out of 70 points. Forming good quality habits is the most important thing in your health and fitness journey as they are the key to long term change/results.



Upcoming Email 'Meal Plans, Nutritional Advice and Fitbits'


In your next email, you will receive information about 'Meal Plans' and other nutritional ideas to help accelerate your weight loss and develop muscle tone in accordance with your goals.


Lastly, don't forget to join our Facebook page on the link below and become a part of the team!




Remember, you are now part of the #TeamLGFG and if my trainers or I can help you in any way, please let us know.


Welcome aboard!

Yours sincerely,

Denver Oliveux

Looking Good & Feeling Great
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