Tips for Lower Calorie Fast Food

By Matt O’Neill, Dietitian –

Burger joint
• Have a plain hamburger with a small meat patty
• Ask for extra salad (lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple)
• Choose a small serve of potato wedges rather than fries
• If available, choose a prepared salad with a tasty low-fat dressing.

Pizza shop
• Select a small vegetarian pizza or ask for extra veggies
• Skip the garlic bread.

Kebab house
• Ask for less meat and lots of salad to create your own salad roll.

Sandwich shop
• Choose a salad sandwich with lean meat and no margarine
• Half your sandwich size – they are often very large.
• Ask them to make up a salad.

Coffee shop
• Order the smallest plain coffee. Try skim milk and skip the cream.
• Opt for a small milkshake made with skim milk.

The Club
• Choose an entrée sized plate
• Fill your plate with steamed vegetables and only a little meat
• Skip the bread rolls and dessert.

Service station
• Choose to buy the fresh sandwiches
• Buy low-fat snacks such as yoghurt, fresh fruit, low-fat crisps and low-fat dairy drinks
• Choose diet drinks and save about 8 teaspoons of sugar per can.

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