Weight Loss Challenges:

Late Night Eating

Why is it at night time that I get so hungry?

This can be for a number of reasons:

• You may have not eaten much throughout the day and your hunger is catching up with you at night time
• You may just eating out of boredom
• You could be staying up past 9:30am and feel like you need sometime sweet to eat
• You may be served portion sizes too big for your daily calorie needs
• You could be dehydrated?

What can you do to overcome this?

• Get to bed early
• Make sure you drink 2-3 litres of water per day and especially before, during and after your dinner
• Have a set delegated desert to curve that sweet tooth (e.g. Weight Watchers Jelly, Skinny Cow Chocolate Sundae)
• Have a green tea or any low calorie tea after dinner
• Don’t eat dinner in front of the TV, you can mindlessly eat your way through an orchard of food and not even realize it
• Make sure you have had consistent meal intake throughout the day, that way it won’t catch up with you at night time.
• Have a process which you commit to before you reach for that extra chocolate or Tim Tams. (E.g. Have a green tea after dinner, if that’s not satisfying have some diet jelly, if that’s not satisfying, have a tall glass of water, if that’s not satisfying have a protein shake in water, if that’s not satisfying have a can of tuna and if you can get through this cycle and you still want chocolate then go for night). My guess is you won’t make it past the diet jelly, I never did.
• Have a frozen weight watchers or lean cuisine meal if you’re too tired to cook this is a much cheaper and lower calorie option when compared to MacDonald’s.

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