RAW Challenge Sep17

What is the Raw Challenge?

With an obstacle on average every 150 metres our 7km course with 55 obstacles, is sure to challenge all fitness levels, provide a sense of achievement and capture awesome memories. Registrations are available for both individuals and teams. It’s a great family fun atmosphere with a designated youth wave for the 7 -12 age bracket. So come bring your friends, bring your family and enjoy the music, tasty food, cold beers and amusements for everyone. All the ingredients needed for an awesome day out!


When is it?

Saturday 23rd September 2017
Race Time: 10:30am


 Where is it?

110 Pacific Highway, Doyalson, NSW 2262

1.5 hours from Penrith


How much does it cost? Are you creating a team? Is there a discount?

  • At the moment (11th of August) prices for the tickets are $76.53c with the discount code below
  • Visit the Raw Challenge website at https://www.rawchallenge.com.au and click ‘REGISTER’ in the top right hand corner
  • Select The ‘Doyalson Challenge’ in September and Click ‘Saturday Tickets’
  • Click the ‘Tickets Icon’ and then select ‘Team’
  • Type in ‘LGFG’ and then select ‘4th Wave’
  • In the top right hand corner there is a ‘Promo Tab’ click it and write ‘Denver10’ for a 10% discount
  • Fill in your basic details and make sure you choose the 10:30am Wave (If for some reason you can’t select the 10am wave, don’t stress choose any other timeslot as long as you have registered with my team name above you will be running with our team.


What is supplied on the day?

  • Head Band
  • Dog tag
  • 7km course
  • Hard earned beverage
  • Music



If you would like to join the LOOKING GOOD & FEELING GREAT TEAM and join in this fun and challenging event, please RSVP by the 15th of September but remember the earlier you register the cheaper your entry will be.


Yours sincerely

Denver Oliveux

Looking Good & Feeling Great

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