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Do you want to lose weight, get fit and enjoy your exercise?

Our bootcamp classes in Penrith are for you!!!

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What is bootcamp?

Boot camp is a high calorie burning class that increases your metabolism to help you burn up fat faster, develop a slimmer stomach and develop toned thighs and backside. We have our Bootcamps in the Penrith area in both outdoor venues at Jamison Park and Thornton Oval and also indoor venues such as the Cambridge Park Community Centre.

Why is our bootcamp classes amongst the best in the Penrith area?

We are the original Bootcamp providers in Penrith and enjoy 12 years of providing the best and fun Bootcamps in the area. We pride ourselves on providing our client’s with the best customer service, friendly atmosphere and we genuinely care about helping you reach your goals and helping you maintain it.

We tailor make for all individuals, whether your a beginner or experienced with your fitness we have a class to suit your fitness levels, our trainers are focused on providing all clients with a variety of different exercises to suit your fitness level and if you have an injury/medical condition.

Lastly everyday Bootcamp has a specific theme, for example we always have 30 minutes of high intensity cardio (HITT Training) followed by either 30 minutes of upper body training, or lower body training or core/abdominal training. This way you always have a variety of different Bootcamps that you can attend and will always be different from your previous class.

Bootcamp Fitness Classes Penrith
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bootcamp times and locations



6:00 am – Bootcamp + Strength (Kevin Chevell’s Inside Fitness on 87 Henry St, Penrith)
6:30 pm – Bootcamp Blast (Jamison Park, Penrith)


9:45 am – Bootcamp + Core (Jamison Park, Penrith)
6:30 pm – Bootcamp + Upper Body Strength (Jamison Park)


 6:00 am – Bootcamp + Boxing (Kevin Chevell’s Inside Fitness on 87 Henry St, Penrith)
6:30 pm – Bootcamp & Core Strength (Jamison Park, Penrith)


9:45 am – Bootcamp + Core (Jamison Park, Penrith)
6:30 pm – Bootcamp + Lower Body Strength (Jamison Park, Penrith)



6:00 am – Bootcamp + Core (Kevin Chevell’s Inside Fitness on 87 Henry St, Penrith)


7:00 am – Bootcamp (Jamison Park, Penrith)


Lose Weight. Get Fit. Have fun

What are the benefits of our bootcamp classes?



You get to train outdoors in the fresh air in some local parks in the Penrith area


Bootcamp is a high intensity class which is great for Weight Loss, Enhancing Muscle Tone and helps you Get Fit


You have an instructor who will treat you like a person and actually use and remember your name


Train in a friendly environment in which you feel like you are apart of the team and not just another number.

Amanda Dewhurst lost 8kg in 12 weeks**

Jessica Balloch lost 9.5kg in 8 weeks**

Chris Wylie lost 13kg in 8 weeks**


Lose Weight. Get Fit. Have Fun



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Free 7 Day pass