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Daycare & vacation care fitness programs

We are now offering Kids Fit Bootcamp, Kids Fit Games, Kids Fit Yoga & Balance, Kids Fit Multi-Sports and Kids Fit Nutrition and Fun (explanation of each service on the back page) for Daycare/Vacation Care Centres in the local area. Currently, we are training students during their morning and afternoon sports sessions and achieving fantastic results in fitness and student engagement!


Benefits of working with Looking Good and Feeling Great for your teachers and staff:

• The company and staff are all certified and have the relevant insurances
• All staff have ‘Children’s Protection Certificates’
• Denver Oliveux himself is a qualified PD/H/PE Teacher
• Looking Good and Feeling Great also offers ‘Fit Kid Programs’ for children 5-12 years old during school holidays

The benefits of our School Fitness Programs for your students include:

• Enhanced self-esteem and confidence with exercise and fitness
• Reduced stress and improved focus on studies and behavioural management
• Enhancing cardiovascular fitness, overall strength, coordination and flexibility
• Learning basic self-defence moves
• Challenging and developing Motor and Gross movement skills
• Challenging new fitness experiences through games and competitions
• Improving muscle tone and encouraging health body weight practices

Kids Fit Bootcamp:
Kids Fit Bootcamp is a program focused on improving overall fitness for students without the yelling of an intimidating instructor. Instead, each student will be given exercises that can be turned into games to keep them engaged, having fun and experiencing the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Kids Fit Games:
Kids Fit Games is amongst our most fun and engaging service we provide for Primary School students. We combine fun games such as ‘Bull Rush, Dodge Ball, Octopus and Tug A war’ with modern day exercises in a team environment that keep’s all students focused on the session and will aid in reducing stress and anxiety in the classroom.

Kids Fit Yoga and Balance:
Kids Fit Yoga is a great service aimed at improving balance and coordination amongst students and help’s reduce stress and anxiety in the classroom.

Kids Fit Multi-Sports:
Kids Fit Multi-Sports is a fantastic class aimed at providing students with a variety of different sporting games in each class, thus every week students will be given the opportunity to trial out different team and individual sports in a fun atmosphere.

Kids Fit Nutrition and Fun:
Kids Fit Nutrition and Fun is a class aimed at educating children about the benefits of good nutrition through fitness games. The class is designed to help children develop positive and fun associations too healthy quality food.

We provide all equipment

We can train your students onsite or at a park or community hall nearby. Also, you have the option(s) of allowing your students to exercise before, during or after school, the choice is yours.

Cost of Investment:
• 20 – 35 students $145 per class 45 minute sessions (Ideal for Daycare/Vacation Care Centres)
• 35 – 50 students $195 per class 45 minute sessions (Ideal for Daycare/Vacation Care Centres)


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