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Looking Good & Feeling Great are now offering convenient Group Personal Training sessions in two local gyms in the Penrith area:




Leonay New Dimensions

(Shop 1, 30-32 Leonay Parade, Leonay)


Tuesday 6am – 7am

Wednesday 6am – 7am

Friday 6am – 7am





Kevin Chevell’s Inside Fitness 

 (87 Henry St, Penrith)


Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday 5:15pm – 6:15pm

Thursday 5:45pm – 6:45pm


Personal Training Penrith

5 Reasons why Group Personal Training is for you?

  • Penrith Group Personal Training is less than half the price of one on one Personal Training




  • Our Group Personal Training sessions are all based in the gyms and are focused on Strength Training for Weight Loss



  • Our Group Personal Training service is like having your very own weight watchers and fitness support team in the same session. Our groups are aimed at encouraging and supporting you through your weight loss journey to get the best results possible. 



  • You’re not locked into a contract you only pay for what you agree to.



  • Our classes don’t exceed 6-8 people thus you will get the personal attention you need.



  • We understand how you feel when it comes to weight loss. My trainers and I have all gone through the weight loss challenge and that’s why I only hire trainers who can walk their talk. We are empathetic to all our clients and understand where your struggles will be.



Everyone is welcome to Book in a Free Week Trial of our Group Personal Training sessions. To claim your Free Week Group Personal Training session fill out the form below:


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Email:  enquiry@lgfg.com.au


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