Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training Penrith

Are you unhappy with your current weight, body shape and level of fitness?

Our Personal Training service can help you reach your goals!!! **

Personal Training Penrith
Get 50% OFF a personal training session and group fitness class

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5 Reasons why Group Personal Training is for you?

  • Group Personal Training
  • PenrithGroup Personal Training is less than half the price of one on one  Personal Training
  • Our classes don’t exceed 6 people thus you will get the personal attention you need.
  • Our Group Personal Training service is like having your very own weight watchers and fitness support team in the same session. Our groups are aimed at encouraging and supporting you through your weight loss journey to get the best results possible.
  • You’re not locked into a contract you only pay for what you agree to.
  • We understand how you feel when it comes to weight loss. My trainers and I have all gone through the weight loss challenge and that’s why I only hire trainers who can walk their talk. We are empathetic to all our clients and understand where your struggles will be.



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John Scerri

“I weighed a massive 152kg I was tired run down and feeling depressed. Over the last 12 months I lost 62kg and under the supervision of Denver and the LGFG team I faced many challenges with exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy and consistently. However with the guidance of the LGFG team I overcame those challenges, they set me up with a diet plan which accelerated my weight loss and I done Personal Training twice a week and two Kick Boxing classes consistently and still do it.”

John Scerri lost 60kg in 9 months! **

December 1, 2015