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Do you want to lose weight, get fit and enjoy your exercise?

Our Kickboxing classes in Penrith are for you!!!

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What is Kickboxing?

Our Kickboxing classes are a basic self defence class that incorporates both upper body and lower body movements. Also our classes are a beginner to intermediate level intensity class and are designed to teach basic self defence and to help you lose weight and tone up.

Why is our Kickboxing classes amongst the best in the Penrith area?

We provide amongst the best Kickboxing classes in the Penrith area because we focus on training our clients for fitness and aren’t interested in training people for the ring or the cage. We focus on creating a supportive and fun environment that will help you lose weight, tone up and get fit. Simply put we care about helping you reach your health and fitness goals and want to build a supportive community of like minded individuals who have similar fitness goals.

Kickboxing Penrith
Kickboxing Penrith - Jamison Park Evening Class

Our Classes


Whether you prefer to train on your own or in a fun group environment,

We have 12 classes per week across mutliple locations in Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains, 

Try a 7-Day free pass and come along to as many bootcamp and kickboxing classes as you like

Lose Weight. Get Fit. Have fun

What are the benefits of our kickboxing classes?



Kickboxing is a great fun workout designed for beginners and those who participate in a regular exercise regime


Kickboxing is great for anyone looking for a fun alternative to boring gym workouts


Our Kickboxing classes are designed to help people get fit, lose weight and keep it off


Our classes are not for MMA or UFC fighters, we train normal people with healthy goals


We have been providing Kickboxing classes in the Penrith area for over 10 years

Amanda Dewhurst lost 8kg in 12 weeks**

Jessica Balloch lost 9.5kg in 8 weeks**

Chris Wylie lost 13kg in 8 weeks**


Lose Weight. Get Fit. Have Fun



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Free 7 Day pass