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We Can Offer You Safe Personal Training Options Around COVID-19

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Safe Physical One On One Personal Training



Personal Training Via Zoom



Personal Training Via Our App 'Trainerize'


Why is Personal Training a good idea for you?
  • Our friendly and experienced trainers will give you 100% of our undivided attention. Your complete focus is helping you through your challenges with losing weight, enhancing muscle tone and getting fitter.
  • We have been Personal Training in the Penrith area for almost 18 years now and stand as the longest servicing mobile Personal Training business in the area. This should give you confidence when choosing our team because our company isn’t leaving Penrith
  • We will work around your busy schedule and are happy to train you between 6am and 8:30pm Monday to Friday in Penrith.
  • We will train you at a location within the Penrith area of your choice, we strive to make our Personal Training experience a comfortable and invaluable service.
  • We understand how you feel when it comes to weight loss. My trainers and I have all gone through the weight loss challenge and that’s why I only hire trainers who can walk their talk. We are empathetic to all our clients and understand where your struggles will be.





We Offer Safe Physical One On One Personal Training

  • We offer safe One On One Personal Training options for all clients
  • We still offer At Home and Park, Personal Training in the Penrith area
  • All our equipment is completely cleaned and sanitised
  • My trainers and I always aim to keep our safe 1.5 metres from you at home or in a park
  • We refer as best as possible to the Government safe guidelines around Covid-19




We Offer Safe Options Around COVID-19
  • Looking Good & Feeling Geat now offers online options to train in a more safer environment
  • We provide you with Personal Training options through the use of an online Personal Training App called 'Trainerize'. This App allows us to train clients at their own home with what equipment you have available. The App itself helps you keep accountable of the training you are meant to be doing.
  • We also use Zoom with the aid of our 'Trainerize App' to provide you with the best and most personal approach to your training outside physical one on one training




Take a look at the results of some of our clients:

Amanda Before and After

Amanda Dewhurst lost 8kg in 12 weeks**

boot camp penrith

 Kirsten Cartwright lost 7kg in 8 weeks**

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Jessica Balloch lost 9.5kg in 8 weeks**

    bootcamp penrith

Chris Wylie lost 13kg in 8 weeks**

For more information on our Personal Training services in the Penrith area click on the 'Get Started' icon below:

John Galea

"Personal Training has helped me achieve my goals as it has kept me motivated to lose more weight and to try to exercise more often. I always feel guilty if I haven’t lost weight for the week and I always say to myself that eating that extra bit means I have to do more to take it off. That’s the beauty of doing personal training, I find I do eat a treat now and then, and then just work harder at the next training session. I now don’t mind training (I still find that I wear myself out) and over the year I have trained with Looking Good and Feeling Great I have lost 30kg and kept it off."

John lost 30kg in 1 year! **

December 1, 2015