5 Week Body Shred Challenge Nov17


Step by Step Guide:


Step 1:           ‘Getting Started Email’

Check your emails to see you received a ‘Getting Started Email’ if not please let me know


Step 2:           Closed Facebook Page

Join our Closed Facebook Page by adding me personally as a friend ‘Denver Oliveux’ from their I can add you to our page where we will communicate on a regular basis.


Step 3:           Meal Plans

Download the Meal Plans through either the email that was sent to you earlier today or download it through the link on Facebook if you can’t please let me know and I can send you a link personally. We will add more food plans throughout the challenge.


Step 4:          Download ‘Myfitnesspal’

Download ‘Myfitnesspal’ it’s a FREE APP that you will need to journal down your food so you can see your calories and macronutrients. This is vital as when you hit a plateau I can help you overcome it as long you use this online food diary regularly.


Step 5:            Weekly Weigh In’s

Throughout the challenge you are expected to weigh in on Monday’s and Fridays the reason why is because throughout the week we usually have a good routine however on the weekend we tend to become too social. Thus, it is very easy to undo 5 days of being good with two days of being bad. Thus, we Weigh In every Monday and Friday and text me on those days your results before 10am. Your weight will not be displayed however your overall weight loss as a percentage will be posted in a leaderboard (refer to Step 9 for more details).


Step 6:           Measurement Video

Look at the ‘Measurement Video’ which describes 3 sights where to measure and take your results. You will need someone to help you with this and we do this every fortnight starting this Monday the 13th of November. These results will go towards your results on the leaderboard (refer to Step 9 for more details).


Step 7:           Daily Points Dairy/Checklist

Download your ‘Daily Points Dairy/Checklist from either the email sent earlier today or download it from the Facebook page. Fill out your diary and send text me your results every Monday and remember that 20% of your final results will go towards this. These points will go towards your position on the leaderboard (refer to Step 9 for more details).


Step 8:           Health and Wellbeing Shopping Tour

Book in (via text) for your ‘Health and Wellbeing Shopping Tour’ which is on next Saturday the 18th of November from 9-10:30am at Nepean Centro Coles. We will be meeting at the ‘Hot Lips Café’ right out the front of Coles. If your late you will be doing burpees team ha-ha!!


Step 9:          Fitbit or Pedometer Tracker

I highly recommend that you purchase a Fitbit (preferably) or another type of Pedometer Tracker to see your activity throughout the day. We are all busy but unless you’re getting 10,000 steps a day you’re not leading a healthy active lifestyle and we only know this once we see the results. Also, we have specific challenges every week dedicated to Monday and Friday Work Weeks and a Weekend Warrior Challenge which we will be doing every week.


Step 10:          Criteria and Leaderboard

For this challenge, we will be posting a leaderboard every week and 50% of your results will come from your weight loss weekly as a percentage (no one will see your actual weight). Your fortnightly measurements will go to 30% of your results, again this will be measured as a percentage, this will be taken fortnightly and sent to me on the 1st Monday of the challenge and every fortnight after that. Lastly 20% of your results will come from the points you achieve on your Points Diary, again your results are to be texted to Denver every Monday.


Step 11:                  Before and After Photo’s

We strongly encourage everyone to take a before and after photo for your own personal reflection. You need not take a revealing photo, just shorts and a singlet or fitted shirt would be fine. If you commit to the challenge you will see great results why not see how far you have come.