weight loss and nutrition

Hello Newbie’s

Welcome to ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’ our goal is to help you with your health, fitness and weight loss goals and to maintain those results. It’s great that you have made a commitment with your fitness but if your seriously looking at getting fit, losing weight and enhancing muscle tone, your exercise is only half the battle. To really accelerate your results and stop running around in circles you really need to get a handle on your nutrition, which when done effectively will help you lose weight and feel so much better then if you just focused on exercise alone.

Thus we have a few guidelines that we highly recommend:

  1. Follow one of our meal plans our one you have already constructed or that you have chosen OR
  2. Download an APP called ‘Myfitnesspal’ which is an online food diary which can help you count your calories. For females focus on 1200-1500 (regardless of what the app tells you) and for males focus on 1700-2000 (regardless of what the app tells you).
  3. Journal down your weight every Monday and Friday, we do this twice a week because during the week we usually have routine but over the weekend we tend to party. Unfortunately its very easy to undo 5 days of being good with 2 days of being bad. This is why we get you to weigh in twice a week so you can make sure you have a handle on your weekend eating habits.
  4. Always aim to drink 2-3 litres of water, this will help suppress your sugar cravings at night time and increase energy during the day
  5. Eat 4-6 small to medium sized meals a day
  6. Aim to get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday
  7. Plan all your meals for the following day the night before hand remember ‘If you fail to plan, plan to fail’.
  8. Don’t forget to be awesome!!!!


For those getting started here is a copy of our Meal Plans:

Male Meal Plan

Female Meal Plan

Monday to Friday Meal Plan

Vegetarian Meal Plan

1200-1500 Calorie Meal Plans

Optional 1200 Meal Plans

Spring & Summer Meal Plans

1500 Calorie Female Vegan Meal Plan Aug17