Weight Loss Challenges:

The Dreaded Weekends

Why are the weekends so challenging when you’re trying to eat healthy?

The weekends are always a nemesis when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy meal plan. This is because our routines are completely out of whack; you’re driving kids to and from sports or social activities which usually have poor food choices available. You’re catching up with friends and you end up having a few extra glasses of red combined with that extra desert which you just had to have and the list goes on. To top it all off you’re feeling so guilty about these choices that you tell yourself not to worry about exercise and that you will just leave it till Monday. Sound familiar?

What can you do to overcome this?

• Plan your activities in advance and plan the meals that you will have around these activities
• If you’re going out for a meal, jump online and check out the menu ahead of time and choose a healthy option
• Be the designated driver, cheaper night, less calories consumed, no hangover J
• Go to bed early
• Always carry a bottle of water with you were ever you go
• Have 1 cheat meal, not several, once a week (the world will be a happy place again)
• Get an extra session of exercise where you can
• Plan some active rest with the kids or friends (e.g. Sports or going for a walk)
• Weigh yourself in on a Monday and Friday to see if your gaining as much weight during the weekend as your losing and then make better decisions accordingly
• Stop being so dam hard on yourself, as long as you’re losing more weight during the week than you are on the weekend your winning J

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