What do you think is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to Lose Weight safely?

1) Exercise everyday
2) Follow a celebrity diet plan
3) Don’t eat at night as the fat demons come out at night time and make your clothes tighter the next day if you eat after 5pm
4) Go on a detox diet then go back to your regular eating after a month
5) Use a food journal which is calorie measured to track your progress
6) Don’t eat carbs
7) Don’t lift weights (especially if your a female)
8) Get a Nutra-Bullet
9) Weigh in everyday
10) Surgery

The first 5 right answers will receive a FREE Group Personal Training session valued at $35 and a Free entry into our Ultra Boot Camp this Saturday valued at $20. Total value $55 for guessing the correct answer.

Now just in case your wondering some of these options are a joke so please don’t think I’m actually considering this.

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Yours sincerely

Denver Oliveux

Looking Good and Feeling Great